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Ph.D. Meteorology, University of Oklahoma (in progress)
M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Oklahoma
M.S. Meteorology, University of Oklahoma
B.S. Physics (Honors Option), cum laude, University of Texas at Austin

Current Research Projects as of February 2020

  • Rapid-scan radar analysis and applications: Assess the impact of various radar scan speedup methods on data quality and early tornado detection within a rapid-scan framework
  • Radar simulations: Modifying a small-domain radar simulator (C-based) and a large-domain radar simulator (Matlab and C-based) to support various radar scan modes and time interpolation schemes
  • Data assimilation: Calculation of error estimates in various radar scan modes, to assess the impact of data quality on numerical weather prediction (NWP) model performance after data assimilation
  • Field work and data collection: Work to collect supercell and tornado data using mobile radar platforms. Responsibilities include maintaining, running, and troubleshooting the radar, processing and cataloging the data, and using the data for further research
  • Tornado dynamics: Studying a 60-90 second periodicity in tornado strength using datasets from multiple radar platforms
  • Wind retrieval methods: Working on a potential improvement to the ground-based velocity track display (GBVTD) method using cost function minimization, and testing the results via a radar simulator
  • Tornadogenesis failure: Currently advising an undergraduate student with a case study on strongly rotating supercells that did not produce a tornado
  • Collaborations with non-ARRC researchers: Provided previous data and/or collected new data for collaborations with Dr. Roger Wakimoto, Dr. Wen-Chau Lee, Dr. Larry Frank, and Dr. Alan Shapiro

Recent Research Projects

  • Bistatic/multistatic radar applications: Simulate scattering from a bistatic/multistatic weather radar system to assess polarimetric signatures and wind retrieval methods
  • Tornado dynamics: Led a study on the features of 16 May 2015 "Tipton, OK" tornado using data from the Atmospheric Imaging Radar (Publication Link), and assisted on a study of the 27 May 2015 "Canadian, TX" tornado (Publication Link)
  • Radar applications & cold front structure: Analyzed a passing cold front at high spatiotemporal resolution (M.S. Thesis Link; Publication Link)
  • Collaborations with non-ARRC researchers: Collaborated with Dr. Junichi Furumoto of Kyoto University (KU) by creating batch scripts for the KU supercomputer to process radar data, reformatted data for a tornadic analysis case study, and helped develop plans for a real-time beamforming system for the Atmospheric Imaging Radar (AIR)


See Full CV for information regarding tasks, projects, and responsibilities within each role

August 2016-Present: University of Oklahoma, Advised by Drs. Robert Palmer, Tian-You Yu, and David Bodine
    Graduate Research Assistant: Doctoral Research, Department of Meteorology

January 2015-Present: University of Oklahoma
    Atmospheric Imaging Radar Convective Field Project (AIR CFP): Driver, Radar Engineer, and Researcher

August 2017-December 2017: University of Oklahoma
    Grader: Weather Radar Theory and Practice

October 2014-August 2016: University of Oklahoma, Advised by Drs. Robert Palmer and Tian-You Yu
    Graduate Research Assistant: Master's Research, Department of Meteorology

August 2014-December 2014: University of Oklahoma
    Graduate Teaching Assistant: Thermodynamics, Orientation to Professional Meteorology

August 2013-May 2014: University of Texas, Laboratory of Dr. Michael P. Marder
    Undergraduate Research Assistant: Thesis Research, Department of Physics

May 2013-July 2013: NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)
    Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Intern

January 2011-January 2013: University of Texas, Laboratory of Dr. John T. Markert
    Undergraduate Research Assistant, Department of Physics

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Griffin, C. B., D. J. Bodine, J. M. Kurdzo, A. Mahre, and R. D. Palmer, 2019: High-temporal Resolution Observations of the 27 May 2015 Canadian, Texas, Tornado Using the Atmospheric Imaging Radar. Monthly Weather Review, 147 (3), 873-891. (PDF)

Mahre, A., J. M. Kurdzo, D. J. Bodine, C. B. Griffin, R. D. Palmer, and T.-Y. Yu, 2018: Analysis of the 16 May 2015 Tipton, Oklahoma EF-3 Tornado at High Spatiotemporal Resolution Using the Atmospheric Imaging Radar. Monthly Weather Review, 146 (7), 2103-2124. (PDF)

*Mahre, A., T.-Y. Yu, R. D. Palmer, and J. M. Kurdzo, 2017: Observations of a Cold Front at High Spatiotemporal Resolution Using an X-Band Phased Array Imaging Radar. Atmosphere, 8 (2), 30. (PDF)

*Kurdzo, J. M., F. Nai, D. J. Bodine, T. A. Bonin, R. D. Palmer, B. L. Cheong, J. Lujan, A. Mahre, and A. D. Byrd, 2017: Observations of Severe Local Storms and Tornadoes with the Atmospheric Imaging Radar. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 98 (5), 915-935. (PDF)

*Cover/Featured Paper

Papers in review or in preparation:

Mahre, A., T.-Y. Yu, and D. J. Bodine, 2020: A Comparison of Scan Speedup Strategies and their Effect on Rapid-Scan Weather Radar Data Quality. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, in review.

Huang, Y., X. Wang, C. Kerr, A. Mahre, T.-Y. Yu, and D. Bodine, 2020: Impact of Assimilating Clear-Air Radial Velocity Observations from Phased Array Radar on the Forecasting of Supercell Thunderstorms: An Observing System Simulation Experiment Study. Monthly Weather Review, accepted pending revisions.

Shapiro, A., J. G. Gebauer, N. A. Dahl, D. J. Bodine, A. Mahre, and C. K. Potvin, 2020: Spatially Variable Advection Correction of Doppler Radial Velocity Data. Journal of Atmospheric Science, in review.

Mahre, A., T.-Y. Yu, D. J. Bodine, and L. Orf, 2019: Assessing the Benefits of a Simulated Rapid-Scan Weather Radar for Severe Storm Observations. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, in preparation.

Mahre, A., T.-Y. Yu, and D. J. Bodine, 2019: An Assessment of Adaptive Scanning for a Simulated Rapid- Scan Weather Radar. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, in preparation.

Programming Languages and Skills

  • Proficient in MATLAB, Python, R, Linux/Unix (bash), LaTeX, and MS Office
  • Experience with C, C++, FORTRAN, Shell/batch scripting, Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model, Github (git), SQL, HTML, CSS, Mathematica, Apache Spark (PySpark API), and VHDL
  • Experience working with large datasets (Big Data) from radar output and computer models, as well as .mat, NetCDF (.nc), CfRadial, sweepfile, and grib/grib2 data formats

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