Teaching Page for Phillip B. Chilson

Courses Taught

Current Students

  1. Timothy Bonin, pursuing a Ph.D. in Meteorology (co-advised with Dr. Petra Klein)
  2. Eric Jacobsen, pursuing an M.S. in Meteorology
  3. Phillip Stepanian, pursuing a Ph.D. in Meteorology
  4. Charlotte Wainwright, pursuing a Ph.D. in Meteorology (co-advised with Dr. Robert Palmer)

Previous Students

  1. Victoria Barabash, Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics (co-advised with Dr. Sheila Kirkwood), 2004
    Investigations of Polar Mesosphere Summer Echoes in Northern Scandinavia
  2. Andrew Ballinger, M.S. in Meteorology (co-advised with Dr. Robert Palmer), 2007
    Radio-Wave Scatter and Dynamical Processes in the Polar Mesopause Region Observed Using MST and Meteor Radars
  3. Laura Kanofsky, M.S. in Meteorology, 2007
    Characterization of Central Oklahoma Precipitation Using Radar-Derived and Ground-Based Drop Size Distributions
  4. Danny Scipion, M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (co-advised with Dr. Robert Palmer), 2007
  5. Timothy Alberts, M.S. in Meteorology, 2008
    Implementation of Pulse Compression in a Time-Series Weather Radar Simulator: Applications Toward Fuzzy Logic Tornado Detection
  6. Michael Morris, M.S. in Meteorology, 2008
    Microphysical Properties of Central Oklahoma Squall Lines Revealed by Combined Profiling and Polarimetric Radar
  7. Timothy Bonin, M.S. in Meteorology, 2011
    Development and Initial Applications of the SMARTSonde for Meteorological Research
  8. Danny Scipion, Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (co-advised with Dr. Robert Palmer), 2011
    Characterization of the Convective Boundary Layer Through a Combination of Large-Eddy Simulations and a Radar Simulaton
  9. Brett Zielke, M.S. in Meteorology, 2011
    A Procedure for Obtaining High-Density In-Situ Measurements of Ozone Concentration Within the Planetary Boundary Layer
  10. Heather Moser Grams, Ph.D. in Meteorology (co-advised with Dr. Zian Zhang), 2012
    Identification of Enhanced Rainfall Rates Using the Near-Storm Environment for Radar Precipitation Estimates
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