Welcome to HFSS Lib’s documentation!

HFSS Lib is a set of tools for manipulating HFSS files. The central use case is when you want to change your project design parameters based on frequency. This guide covers both:

  • General approach to scripting HFSS
  • Using this library to script HFSS

If you have never scripted HFSS before (or are new to this project), start reading the introduction. If you are writing a script in Python to make to make changes, you can find API documentation at hfsslib or examples at Python Examples.

Corrections and enhancements to the docs are welcome! The source is on the ARRC’s Gitlab. Feel free to make a fork or create an issue.


To install the Python library, open up a command prompt and type:

pip install hfsslib

Now you’re off to the races.

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